Should you buy Instagram followers or use an Instagram bot?

Looking for a quick bump in Instagram followers? You’ve likely considered buying Instagram followers or using an Instagram bot.

While both options have their places, both also have pros and cons associated with them.

Here’s a look at what those pros and cons are:

Buying Instagram followers:


  • Immediate increase in the number of followers


  • May lose followers later due to Instagram purges
  • No engagement from your fake followers
  • Can look fishy to existing followers and potential sponsors

If immediately increasing the number of followers you have, regardless of the quality, is your only goal, buying Instagram followers is the best way to do that.

Using an Instagram bot:


  • A significant increase in followers
  • Natural-looking growth
  • You gain real, active followers


  • Slower growth than buying followers
  • Reliant on automation tool

If longer-term success on Instagram is your goal, then automation makes more sense. This is because unlike buying Instagram followers, using an automation tool gets you real Instagram followers at a much faster, but natural-looking pace.

Not only that, but through automation, you can still make sure that the followers you receive all belong to your target audience. This is important if you want to attract paying advertisers to your Instagram page because if a business is going to pay you to do sponsored posts, they want your audience to consist of people who are actually interested in what you have to say.


The Winner: Instagram Bot

As long as you have the ability to specify which kind of people you engage with, using an Instagram bot makes much more sense than buying Instagram followers.

The reason for this is because of most people’s motives for even considering a bot or buying followers.

If you’re considering one of these options, it’s likely because you want to receive free products from companies or make money through sponsored posts.

To do that, you essentially need two things: a big following + a following that is interested in your niche, and therefore what advertisers are selling.

Buying Instagram followers will certainly get you a larger following, but those followers aren’t going to be targeted. When a potential sponsor looks at your followers and sees that they don’t belong to their target audience, there’s a very good chance that they’ll pass on you and go find someone else with a more targeted audience. 

Get more Instagram followers consisting of your target audience with a tool like AiGrow.

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