How to Buy Instagram Likes from Real People

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The number of Instagram likes are very important to some people. Some people believe the number of likes shows the quality of your job. The higher you get Instagram likes, the more reliable services or products you have. Some say it represents how popular you are. Popular people are followed and liked all the time and who doesn’t like popularity and fame? Some others say getting more likes on Instagram helps increase the traffic of your page. As a result, it introduces you or your services to the public more which finally makes you become more popular or sell more products and services online. Whatever your intention to buy Instagram likes from real people is, we help you find the most practical ways to do so.

How to buy Instagram likes in general?

Generally speaking, there are two main ways for this purpose. You can buy Instagram likes directly and indirectly. In the following, we clarify the two ways and advise you the one which is also the title of our article and is actually the best way to bring you the best results:

The wrong way to buy Instagram likes

buy Instagram likes

If you surf the Internet even for a short time, you absolutely face many websites claiming to provide you with quick solutions for increasing likes on Instagram. Many of them – as you know – are selling likes from fake accounts and are not as effective as they seem. There are three reasons why you shouldn’t choose them as a reliable way of getting more likes on Instagram:

  1. Instagram’s policy is based on building authentic, long-life relationship and engagement among different people all around the world. If you deny this policy and seem suspicious by getting likes from many fake accounts which do not even have a profile image on their page, your account might get deactivated by Instagram.
  2. What is the advantage of getting thousands of IG likes when they are not real people? Is that necessary when you are not going to sell your services to any of them? This does not seem to be a wise decision to be made as you will never earn money from such followers.
  3. Your engagement ratio on Instagram makes people trust your page or simply change their mind about following your page. Buying Instagram likes in this way hurts your engagement ratio. The reason is that people do not follow pages with thousands of followers who get only ten to a hundred likes for each of their posts.

The right way to buy Instagram likes

buy Instagram likes

This way actually means getting Instagram likes from real people by buying specialized robots and software. This way is considered “indirect” as you indirectly make real people like your posts. All you need to do is having access to a platform, like AiGrow, which manages everything for you. This platform lets you like, comment, follow or DM automatically and all these tasks will lead to higher engagement and higher page traffic which indirectly makes you get more likes from real people, not the fake accounts which are not reliable.


To summarize our article, we should remind again that buying Instagram likes directly has no noticeable effect on your goals. That won’t help you sell your products and services or make yourself more popular. You are advised to indirectly buy Instagram likes from real people by buying platforms which auto-like other Instagrammers’ photos and make them follow and like you in return. What is your opinion on this issue? Have you experienced buying likes directly or indirectly? Which one was more fruitful? Please share your ideas and comments below.

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