4 Mistakes to Avoid When Growing Accounts on Instagram


Instagram has recently changed its algorithm and it is not surprising if you hear that some influencers have lost the great number of followers they used to gain before and come to an absolute standstill. Today, we want to share four mistakes you should avoid making when you are growing accounts on Instagram.


Misunderstanding Instagram algorithms

You have to learn the rules of any new algorithms if you want to make the most of your account. One important rule says that you should be posting pictures that people double tap and also writing captions that encourage comments. For example, you could ask your followers a question. There isn’t any point in doing this theory if you don’t respond to the comments and don’t pay attention to the people who took the time to speak to you. You should generally make sure that your interactions are genuine. Sometimes, these discussions turn into DMs and the DMs may also turn into close friendships.


Misunderstanding the game when growing accounts on Instagram

The second mistake is not understanding how an Instagram game works. The sad reality is that most of your followers don’t care about you personally. they only come for the content and the services you provide and as soon as you decide to change what you are posting, they have no reason to continue following you. In this regard, fan accounts are good examples. We should also mention that this problem is not exclusive to Instagram and may happen on YouTube, too. when you’re posting content about a famous person, you’re attaching yourself to their fame. At first, you are going to grow really quickly but most of the time it’s not sustainable and you will run out of people eventually and secondly when the fandom dies, your account will die with it as well.

You might be thinking what if you start as a fan account and gain many Instagram followers and then switch to a personal page? We have seen this happen a lot when people go from getting 6000 likes to 500 likes because your followers are there for the content they followed you for and not because of you and your personal life. You should be determined to maximize the number of people who do care about you so that you boost your engagement rate and as a result boost your sales if you’re a business.


Not connecting with others

The third mistake is that you do not engage with other users.  Following on from our previous point, you can increase your engagement rates by fostering a genuine connection between you, the people you follow and your own followers. We assume you are following people because you are interested in their contents. Do your best to keep in touch with them through your comments and DMs. Also, try to know your followers more by commenting on their posts and being active on their accounts even in really brief interaction. It will make them feel really good that you actually care about them and will make them more likely to reciprocate that care. If you have a great number of followers, you can use tools like AiGrow which help you like, comment, follow, unfollow or DM on Instagram automatically and from your desktop.


Not knowing your account inside and out

When you start growing accounts on Instagram, the fourth mistake could be based on not knowing your account in great detail. The first things you need to think about are your aim, your target followers and your messages. Think about every little thing that has to do with your account and the people who follow it and also what you can give to them that other people cannot.  Another thing is that if you are willing to brave the rumors that Instagram is censoring business accounts, we would really recommend switching to one purely because of its analytics like allowing you to see the location of your followers, to know when the best time to post is, what sort of engagement your posts get, etc. It basically helps you learn about what you are doing wrong and what you are doing right.

You should remember to be patient. Sometimes growing accounts on Instagram will result in gaining four thousand followers in a year and forty thousand followers in another year. Generally speaking, you should keep posting, keep evaluating what you’re posting and connect with the people around you.



Growing accounts on Instagram is an easy task if you know the rules. To summarize the points we have just mentioned above, we should mention that you can grow your Instagram account by learning more about Instagram algorithms and rules, increasing your engagement rate, engaging with other Instagram users around you and finally knowing everything about your account. What new Instagram policies do you know about? How do you grow your Instagram account? Please share your comments with us.

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