How to Sell on Instagram Shopify in 2019

Instagram Shopify

Instagram and Shopify have recently become connected. It means you can tag your business to your Instagram post and when your followers click on your item they get taken to a Shopify print-on-demand store and combine your products.  This is a great new way of advertising your business on Instagram to get potentially tons of new customers.

There are some different strategy that you can use to bring in some additional traffic to your Shopify marketing and the cool thing about this strategy is that it’s pretty cheap and completely automated once you set it up.

You need an Instagram growth tool and an Instagram post scheduler because this is what makes the process automated. Then you’re going to need one or more Instagram accounts. I guess you can do as many as you want really.

A simple overview of what you should do is you’re going to set up Instagram accounts with a link to your shop and the bio. Then you’re going to be set up these accounts to get targeted followers on autopilot and then scheduling pictures of your products to be uploaded at certain times.

1) Create an Instagram account(s)

The first thing you need to do is to create your accounts. You‘d better have two or three but if this is your first time just start with one. You should write a little Bio, then just put a link to your shop there. Then you should upload at least nine pictures before you start getting followers because it makes you look like a real account. Nobody really wants to follow an account that all have one or two pictures or none.

2) Schedule your posts

Step two is to automate your activities by post schedule tools. There are a variety of Instagram post scheduler websites, but a few of them can automate the posting process. AiGrow is one of the best social tools to boost your Instagram activity.

It allows you to schedule post ahead of time for the next week or even the next month so meaning you can set up as many pictures as you want to automatically be uploaded over a period of time and then you can pick the exact time of the day you want them uploaded as well.

This is a cool way to automate your entire month on Instagram in about an hour or even less and when you set up the post of your products you’re just always want to say the link in bio to buy because you can’t post clickable links on your pictures so in order for people to get through store they’re going to have to be your profile and go to the link there.

3) Use Growth tool

Step three would be to set up and Instagram software the blogs into your Instagram accounts and automatically likes, comments and follows people that you choose.
Unlike any other Instagram schedulers, AiGrow let you boost your Instagram activity and make real customers for your business.

You are able to like, follow, unfollow, comment, and direct message as for how fast as you want, and you can personalize the comments you want AiGrow to post for you.

instagram growth

When you’re selecting who to follow and like, go for the popular hashtags in your niche. For example, if you have a dog related store search for popular hashtags and use them or you can even target followers of popular accounts in your niche.

Then, you can add a location to gain followers from a specific area. Also, you can add a competing business whose followers might also be interested in your product.

So you can set up your Instagram to go on your Instagram and automatically follow people who follow that account and like their pictures. This will help you to grow a following and start slowly sending traffic to the shop link on your profile page and obviously, this is all targeted traffic.


Engage more  

AiGrow has provided Instagram users with the best feature called engagement autopods which is groups of people on Instagram you agree to engage with every post uploaded by a member. This means not only can you get to the regular amount of engagements from your followers, but also you will absorb organic engagement from the engagement group members.

The more people you engage with the better your posts get in the eyes of Instagram and the better chances of going viral which mean more visibility for your post and for your Instagram, more followers, and more sales, Just remember this is completely automated o

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