How to Unfollow People Fast on Instagram 2019

unfollow a lot of people fast on instagram


One of the easiest ways to unfollow people on Instagram fast is to just go ahead and get some type of Instagram software.

There are some programs like “bracket grow”, “follow you”, and “follow liker”, to simply set your settings to unfollow your followers on Instagram probably in one day.

Also, there are some apps can do this. There are Instagram cleaner and followers removal apps to help you unfollow quickly.

Those are all free apps that basically replicate the process of software. But keep in mind that if something is free there’s usually a reason for that. They might not be set up safe and secure.

Make sure when you’re trying to go to the freeway, you actually download an app that you know is a little bit of trust in the community which has some five-star reviews.


You can get the software and unfollow people on Instagram in a day or you can get an app. However, I personally would not go this route at all.

The reason you need to unfollow the people following you if you’re trying to turn your page from growing off any type of automation methods into going viral is that your account needs to meet certain categories within Instagram, so Instagram can allow it to go viral.

You always have to gain Instagram’s trust and when you’re following hundreds or thousands of people. Instagram cannot categorize your account. They know you’re using automation in your place into a spam category and basically a shadow ban where there’s no chance of you to go viral. But you can always reverse this through cleaning up your profile, one of which is through on following all the people that you’re following and getting very specific on the people that follow.

While there are apps and software that can clear out your Instagram quickly, this might actually do a lot more damage than helping you to go viral. It is because you’re already in the spam category. Instagram is AI smart. They already know you’re doing follow unfollow.

Could you imagine what happens when you follow 2,000 people in a snap?
Instagram has a whole filtering process that tracks human activity. If your activity does not look like normal which is how you’re automatically placed in spam. That’s why when you do follow unfollow on Instagram you are placed into the spam category because Instagram knows since they have a limit of 7500 people following, there’s no way that you as a human actually care about 7500 people.

You can manually unfollow people every single day, maybe about 10 to 20 people per hour until your whole list is cleared.

Does this method take a long time?

Yes, it’s going to take a much longer time than using a quick app but on the flip side, it is going to help you out more because your activity actually looks human under following 10 to 20 people an hour.

Now you know the pros and the cons of each method, you can make a good decision about how to reach that goal.

Hopefully, there is another way you can unfollow people on Instagram fast with the minimum risk of getting shadowban. It can be done through AIGrow.

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