Tips For Growing Your Traveling Instagram Account

Travelling is one of the most exciting topics for Instagram users, so this topic attracts a plenty number of influencers. If you are a brand new user who wants to grow a traveling Instagram account, this article provides you with some pivotal tips that will lead you to the best results immediately.

TIP NUMBER 1: How narrowing your target audience will grow your traveling Instagram account?

The first thing about growing a travel page is that you must define who is your target audience. There is a lot of different styles and types of travel content out there, some people like backpacker style, like true style travel and things that are more scenic and other people like styles of travel that are more hotels and resorts and more luxury style traveling.

Both of these different sub-niches work, you just have to pick one. By picking one, you really establish who your audience is and you have a super targeted following because not only you will have followers in they travel niche but you’ll have followers in the sub-niche of the travel niche and you know in their exact interests, like what they like. So make sure you’re picking the right content.

If you never defined what type of follower you want to have then you’ll never know who exactly you’re trying to target which means you don’t know what products to sell them in the future.

TIP NUMBER 2: paint a picture in the mind of your audience to grow your traveling Instagram account.

When you’re posting a travel content, actually you take the consumer to that place, so talk about the picture, talk about where the picture was taken, what is the location that this place, what is the history behind this place, take the time to provide value and take the consumer to the actual location, paint a picture in their mind. This is going to absolutely boost your engagement.

TIP NUMBER 3: Stories are great tools for growing a traveling Instagram account.

Most people might be putting video content on their timeline that is fine but please, post video content on your stories. Video content is so engaging and when Instagram sees people spending time in your stories, they’re going to also make their normal posts relevant to them, so your engagement is going to go up and that engagement is going to help you get more followers.

You also should use your stories to go ahead and promote new posts. Every time you make a new actual post that you’re trying to go viral, you should be advertising it on your story and you should blur it out, because if you give somebody the full picture on the story, what reason do they have to actually check it out.

Now you’re getting traffic and engagement and it’s easier to go viral.

TIP NUMBER 4: How DM groups launch your traveling Instagram account?

Using DM groups and stuff like that will get engagement to your photos in a very short time.

Remember, it is your job to impress the audiences and gain Instagram trust in the first twenty minutes.

If you can gain Instagram trust and show Instagram that people are spending time on the platform because of your content, Instagram will allow you to grow it and will help leave your content on the explore page for more people to go ahead and discover you.

However DMs group is a great tool for getting engagements (likes+comments+followers) but it is so complicated and takes a lot of time if you want to do them manually, but there is no worry because some Instagram schedulers have been developed to make it easy and faster for you.

AiGrow is one of the best Instagram schedulers that have developed so far. They have prepared some engagement groups that include people with same interests, for instance, they are all interested in bodybuilding fitness, so by joining in their engagement groups, you will automatically get engagements from people who are interested in bodybuilding fitness.

Here’s a shot of AiGrow platform and the red flash shows the “Engagement Groups” as well.

TIP NUMBER 5: Long photos make your traveling Instagram photos to be seen more.

You’d better post the long/portrait photos, landscape photos perform the worst on Instagram, I don’t think anybody ever should be uploading any type of landscape content. It is just not engaging people, when you have a long picture it takes up more of the person’s screen and psychology says that “if you’re in the person’s face longer, if they’re scrolling through and your post is like the whole length of their phone they’re probably going to stop on it.” they’re going to be looking at it and it’s just much more engaging.

TIP NUMBER 6: Involve people in your traveling Instagram account by asking questions.

Asking questions on your posts to go ahead and squeeze out more engagement.

When you ask questions, you’re basically inviting people to go ahead and leave their opinion, otherwise, they may feel that their opinion is unwanted. This is very useful when you have people who are coming from the explore page who have never seen you before and there’s a question asked to them, you’re giving them that open invitation to comment and ask people comment. As the post gets a lot of comments, more people will naturally comment because they don’t feel like they’re the only one or the first one and that’s like DM groups and help so much too, if somebody sees that there are already 70 or 80 comments on a picture, they’re probably much more likely to comment.

TIP NUMBER 7: Shout out for shout out will be your secret weapon for growing your traveling Instagram account.

Our last tip to you for growing traveling Instagram pages is to utilize shout out for the shout out, it is based on giving and receiving, typically this doesn’t work the best, but this works on travel pages very well. I think that most people who follow travel pages that’s the majority of what they follow and that’s what they’re really passionate about.

They’re really passionate about traveling, so they’re always looking for more travel pages to follow, because they always want new destinations, they want to be adding stuff to their bucket list and that’s what they want their feed filled with.

So they don’t mind following more people and they want to basically follow more travel pages, so by users utilizing shout out for the shout out within other influencers and within your niche, you’re going to go ahead and gain some pretty good targeted followers from it. In this case, you need to find and make a connection with appropriated influencers.

If you have tried to find your appropriated influencers before, you have been faced with this reality that how difficult is this. In this case, AiGrow can be useful, since they have prepared a list of influencers that revolve around your niche, so you will get followers from the Influencers you like. We have tried this feature on their platform for free and observed its incredible effects on our Instagram account growth.  

Here’s a shot from AiGrow platform that shows where you can add your influencers manually or automatically.

I hope these tips grow your traveling Instagram accounts and you be the next Instagram traveling influencer very soon.


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