How to adapt to the Instagram algorithm in 2019

Instagram has opened a world of opportunity for all of us and a lot of people think growing their Instagram will benefit them majorly in terms of sharing their work, working with brands, getting business online, collaborating with others, and so on. In this case, it is so important to know how Instagram works and how you should post to get discovered on Instagram.

Like the other social media networks, Instagram has a set of rules to dictate who should see which contents, and when. It is called the Instagram algorithm. The algorithm is constantly changing, making it harder for marketers to master the pattern. The last change in March 2018, moved Instagram away from a standard “chronological” feed, to give more priority to specific kinds of content. With so many questions around “How Instagram works” the company decided to reveal the main factors, they consider when organizing the Instagram feed.


6 factors affecting the Instagram algorithm :

  1. Contents that are relevant to your interests will rank higher on your Instagram feed. So, you should understand how Instagram works in this case. Based on your history of liking, commenting on a certain user’s posts, Instagram prioritizes a specific user’s content on your feed.
  2. The Instagram algorithm cares how long ago a post was shared. Instagram prefers to show you posts that are more recent.
  3. The next factor that can help you understand “how Instagram works” is relationships. Instagram wants to know who your friends and family are. It seems pretty similar to the first factor which Instagram determines your “friends and family” category based on the accounts you often like and comment on.
  4. Let’s think about how Instagram works to show you the best posts on your feed! The answer is that the algorithm notes how frequently you use the app. It means Instagram considers your last visit and prioritize showing you the best posts.
  5. The algorithm records how much time you spend on Instagram. So, this is how Instagram works in this case: if you prefer longer browsing sessions on Instagram the algorithm may provide a deeper catalog of fresh content to browse and will show you less relevant posts.
  6. If a user follows a lot of accounts, the Instagram algorithm has more options to sort through. This means users who follow large numbers of people might see less from a specific account.

Now, you know how Instagram works and the question is how you should post to be seen due to the Instagram algorithm.


How to post on Instagram (5 Tips on posts that perform)

Posting on Instagram seems very ticky at the start. Here are some Instagram tips to help you get real followers and be seen on Instagram.


Tip 1: Use high-quality images for your Instagram feed:

Users on Instagram tend to scroll through their feeds quickly. So, it’s important to use fresh and clear photos that will catch their attention.


Tip 2: Post more but scheduled to gain more followers:

Since posting too much may seem like a risky option, you should post on a scheduled plan. Posting too much could start to annoy your followers, which could negatively affect your post’s engagement rates. Uploading and scheduling posts to Instagram with AiGrow is as easy as dragging and dropping.


Tip 3: When you post, engage or comment back within the first 60 minutes to help drive engagement:

Not only will your followers appreciate it but also Instagram will boost your post and show it to more of your followers feed. With AiGrow you can create more than 100 custom comment responses that will automatically post whenever someone comments on your latest post.


Tip 4: Do not use the same hashtags again and again:

If you don’t change your hashtags you will look like you are a bot or spam which means lower reach. If you want to save hours of energy and time, use a tool like AiGrow to automatically engage with the people using your targeted hashtags instead of many same hashtags.


Tip 5: Ask questions in your DMs (Direct Messages) or captions:

On Instagram, users are enjoying discussing with their friends and having a more visual platform where people express themselves differently. So, by asking questions, you are more likely to get engagement from users. you can send your DMs manually every time you get a new follower or use a tool like AiGrow to automatically send your customized DMs for you. Also, by AiGrow Schedule Posts, you can write your captions and add your hashtags which will be posted as a comment to make your caption look cleaner and increase post engagement.


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