Common Misconceptions About How Instagram Feed Works

misconceptions about instagram

Although there are many factors that determine what you see in your Instagram feed, there are some misconceptions about Instagram feed and how Instagram works. Here, we will address four common misconceptions about the Instagram algorithm to find out how Instagram works.

Misconception #1: Instagram gives extra weight to videos within its feed!

Instagram photos or videos

If you are trying to grow your account and gain more followers then it’s so important that you understand how Instagram works in case of photos and videos. Instagram doesn’t look at photo or video content differently. One type of content will rank higher if a user engages with it more often. But unlike some other channels, videos will not rank over photos and vice versa. AiGrow is an excellent tool that offers free Instagram engagement groups.

Engagement groups are groups of people on Instagram who agree to Like and Comment on every post uploaded by a group member. Contents will rank higher easily because of greater engagement and it doesn’t matter whether you post photos or videos.

Misconception #2: Having a business profile reduces your chances of being seen!

Instagram business profile vs. Instagram personal profile

Despite rumors that Instagram suppresses posts from accounts with business profiles, probably to encourage advertising, there is no evidence that it is a factor in the Instagram algorithm. So, this is important to know how Instagram works in this case. Whether somebody has upgraded to a business profile or not does not have a direct impact on where their posts appear high in an individual user’s newsfeed. It doesn’t matter if you have a business or personal account. Instagram doesn’t give better visibility for one over the other.

Misconception #3: Instagram accounts are down-ranked for posting content too frequently.

Instagram posts

It is too important to know how Instagram works in such a case. If you do then you will be able to actually work with it which will enable you to grow much faster now. Users who post too often are not ranked lower in the feed, but if the time between posts become too short, Instagram will break up your posts and add other user’s posts between them.

By good luck, this is where using a well-planned Instagram scheduler can help you solve this problem. Instead of waking up one morning and post all of your contents once, you can be safe by planning all of your posts for the upcoming week in one day. AiGrow is a perfect tool that has emerged making it easy to create and use a social media calendar.

Misconception #4: Posting Stories, Live videos or IGTV will affect ranking.

live videos on Instagram

Should I use Stories, Live or IGTV to rank higher? Actually, Instagram doesn’t rank higher users who create Instagram Stories, publish IGTV or broadcast Live. It is a myth that using these features of the app affects how your content ranks within the feed.

As we know, the Instagram team has refuted these known fallacies of users. So, I hope these myths about how Instagram works don’t mislead users anymore because 

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