Get Your Free Instagram Shoutout!

get free Instagram shoutout

Don’t you know what a shoutout is? You want to increase your Instagram followers and have heard about an Instagram shoutout? Don’t you know how an Instagram shoutout works? Can you get a free Instagram shoutout? Don’t worry. We are here to answer all of these questions to help you get a better sight.


What is a Shoutout?

social media shoutout

Generally, a shoutout is when a social networking user mentions you on their own account to introduce you to their friends and fans. This can happen across all different social networking platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. As you can see a shoutout makes a user’s followers check your profile and follow you too.


What is an Instagram Shoutout?

instagram shoutout

An Instagram Shoutout is when an Instagram user advertises your business, product or website to bring you followers and likes. An Instagram shoutout often consists of photos or videos of your account that someone is shouting out. There are two types of shoutouts.

The first one is a paid promotion on popular Instagram influencer accounts that can advertise your business. For instance, imagine that you are a social marketer and you pay a popular influencer like Gary Vay with 5.6 m followers. Then, he is going to upload the screenshot of your profile to his own Instagram account and introduce you to his followers as a good marketer. Millions of his followers will see you and follow you too. Obviously, that is a great shoutout but seems impossible.

Another kind of Instagram shoutout s4s agreement. It means shoutout for a shoutout. For example, you and your friend agree to post each other photos sometimes. Some of your followers that are not mutual will see the advertisement and will follow the other two. This can helps you both to gain more followers.

Now, you have some choices for getting an Instagram shoutout. Pay thousands of dollars for celebrity accounts and gain many followers or try to get it for free from accounts with lower followers. Also, you can buy shoutouts from known online services like BuySellShoutouts.


How to get an Instagram shoutout for free!

free instagram shoutout

Unfortunately, it’s not too easy to get a great Instagram shoutout for free. There are a few points that you should consider in earning free Instagram shoutouts.


1) First of all, you need to find accounts who have similar contents like you. Because their followers are interested in their content and they may be interested in yours too. So, they will follow you to see more from you.


2) Try to get a shoutout from a user with a similar number of followers. Many users only agree to a shoutout only if they both have a similar amount of followers. You should remember a big number of followers looks great but real engagement from active followers is what you really need for branding on Instagram. So, try to consider follower number and active follower number. Then optimize it and choose your target user for a shoutout.


3) Create a real connection with other Instagram users and contact them via email or Instagram direct (DM). If you don’t consider two above factors, you may spam user for shoutouts. Therefore, find your targeted users based on similar content and followers. Then begin engaging with them and finally ask them for s4s or a shoutout via emails or DMs.

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