Instagram Influencer Marketing in 2019

Instagram influencer marketing

When you’re running an online business, traffic is key. After all, every person who visits your store is a potential customer. But, how do you draw in people to your store? Simply put, marketing. And Instagram is one of the most effective platforms that e-commerce entrepreneurs can use when marketing their store.

What is Instagram influencer marketing?

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Even if you are new to e-commerce, you probably know that there are new marketing tactics popping up all the time. When you are getting started, it can be tough to figure out which of those marketing tactics to focus on. Instagram influencer marketing is one of the most popular marketing tactics today. Before we dive into it, let’s quickly talk about why Instagram is a great platform for e-commerce entrepreneurs. Instagram boasts a huge audience which can provide you with a big active market. As of June 2018, the mainly mobile photo sharing network had reached 1 billion monthly active users, up from 800 million in September 2017, and that audience is growing bigger by the day. That great news for entrepreneurs is that 80% of Instagram users voluntarily connect with a brand on the platform.

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In other words, Instagram is home to a huge group of potential customers who actually want to see promotional content. This is such a useful channel for e-commerce entrepreneurs. You can use the platform to promote your latest products, acquire new customers, and even communicate directly with your don’t need to worry about creating stunning panoramas and product photos for every post. You can source Instagram content from other users and share that with your audience. Just remember to ask the original poster for permission, and credit them in your post. It’s a win-win situation – you post new content, and they get promoted for free.


Why are Instagram influencers necessary for brands?

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By now you might be thinking Instagram is so great for marketing on its own and there is no need to worry about Influencer marketing. You should care about Instagram influencers because building a following on Instagram is tough. It becomes harder if you are new to operating a business account. Although it certainly helps if you sell visually-appealing products there is no guarantee that you are going to build a following just by posting images related to your products or brands. Consequently, If you don’t already have an established audience on the platform, it’s going to be hard to use Instagram to grow your business.

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That’s exactly why Instagram influencers are so useful for e-commerce brands. They have already built up their following on the platform organically. They have thousands of followers and these followers are genuinely interested in what the influencer is posting. Furthermore, Instagram influencers are people and not brands and their followers are much more likely to trust their advice. When they recommend certain products to their followers, their followers are more likely to engage with that content. So, you can use influencers and tap into their audiences of highly-engaged potential buyers, and promote your products directly.


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one of the biggest trends in digital marketing in the past few years has been the use of the term influencers and influencer marketing. With 800 million monthly active users, Instagram is an excellent platform for marketers to reach their target audience. At the most basic level, Instagram influencer marketing is simply finding people who have a dedicated audience and getting that influencer to mention an outright recommend your products or services. So, influencer’s audience is potential customers for your brand.

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