How to Detect and Clean up Fake Instagram Followers in 2019

delete fake Instagram followers 2019

Instagram is now the mainly mobile photo sharing which has reached 1 billion users. But similar to other popular social media platforms, some of Instagram users are fake. Of course, if you are an Instagrammer, you don’t want your followers to be a portion of Instagram’s fake users.

You are right, fake followers are not good for anybody. For example, if you were an influencer, fake Instagram followers would decrease your engagement which is not a good thing for an influencer. Also, if you were a brand on Instagram, fake followers could deceive you into picking the wrong influencers to advertise your product or service.

how to spot fake instagram followers

Luckily, detecting and removing fake followers is not too hard if you have the right guidance. Here we are going to offer you three good ways that can help you spot your fake followers. Fortunately, this information can be practical whether you use it for your own profile or someone else.

Three Easy Ways to Spot Fake Instagram Followers

1. Check the Engagement Rate

The first and most important thing is the amount of engagement with every post. For example, imagine a user with 20,000 followers that has only 4 Comments and 10 Likes on every post. Is this really a normal situation? Of course not. As you see the engagement rate and the number of followers don’t match. This unusual ratio indicates this has a large number of fake Instagram followers or at least they followers and needs to be removed.

2. Check the Follower Growth with Appropriate Tools

A high jump in the number of followers can be a sign of earning fake Instagram followers. Usually, this happens when users try to buy thousands of followers. The reason is that their followers increase with no regard for what those followers look like. A sudden drop in followers is also odd. This could indicate that Instagram has cleaned up a large number of fake followers. You can check the follower growth and uncover the secrets behind other Instagram accounts by using a tool like iconosquare.

3. Check the Followers to Following Ratio

The Followers to Following ratio is an undeniable factor to measure the quality of the page. If the number of followers is much less than the followings, it means this account has the sign of fake Instagram followers. In that case, you can get more information here.

follower/following ratio

Now you have spotted your fake Instagram followers but the process of removing them is another problem. Instagram offers you the chance to follow and unfollow users by your choice. There are two ways to do it manually:

  1. Tap your profile by clicking on the button on the right bottom corner of the application. Once you are on your profile page, hit the followers button to view the list of your followers. Scroll through the list and carefully select the user you want to unfollow. Hit the “Following” button, and a prompt box will pop up indicating you are about to unfollow the user. Once you confirm the “Unfollow” option, the user will be removed from the list of your followers.
  2. Search for people by using the search feature provided in the app. Tap on the account to see the profile. Once the account loads, simply tap the “Unfollow” option. Confirm when prompted to unfollow the account.

If you have a large number of followers these two ways can be very time-consuming. Also, it’s more probable to make a mistake when the numbers grow. Because of these reasons we offer you the final way which is the easiest one.

fake instagram followers cleaner

The Easiest Way to Remove Fake Instagram Followers

The easiest way to unfollow and clean up fake Instagram followers is to use an automated tool like AiGrow. Simply specify the kind of user you want to remove, and AiGrow will begin unfollowing until you tell it to stop. You can even remove IG accounts who, after you begin following them, don’t follow you back within a specified amount of time. These types of accounts also have signs of fake users.

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