The Best Free Instagram Tracker of 2019

best free Instagram trackers of 2019

What is an Instagram analytics tool? What is an Instagram tracker? Why do you need it for your marketing? Which one is the best one? We will answer all of these questions here.

Instagram has become as one of the most important social media platforms for marketers, with over 1 billion active monthly users.

There is no doubt that data helps you understand your audience more. It tells you how many people see your content and where they find it. So, you can find out what they prefer, and who they are. If you are a social media marketer and want a better way to analyze your Instagram marketing efforts, you can use many analytics tools. Some are free and some are not.

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In this article, you will find the best free Instagram tracker tools that can help you define your social media strategy. They provide free Instagram analytics to measure your growth and have better content scheduling.

List of Free Instagram Trackers (Free Analytics Tools)

1. Instagram Insights

If your account on Instagram is the business one, you have access to a free Instagram tracker through the app. According to the Instagram Help Center, with Instagram Insights you can understand your followers and learn more about how your content is performing with your audience.

Instagram Insights Instagram trackers - Instagram analytics tool - 2019

There are three different kinds of insights you can get from Instagram Insights. The first one is Activity which including interactions with your profile. You can also discover the number of people see your content and where they find it.

The second section of Instagram Insights is Content. It tells you about your specific Post or Story. It also gives you information about your promotion. And the last part includes the Audience which you can view insights about your audience and followers there.

2. Social Blade

With Social Blade, you can actually see the growth of an Instagram account. According to its website, Social Blade is an analytics website that allows you to track your statistics and measure growth across multiple social media platforms including YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

socialblade- social blade

3. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is one of the leading Instagram trackers and social media analytics tools with over 25,000 users. It’s one of the pioneers in this field which is formerly known as Statigram. According to their website, you will uncover the secrets in your social media analytics with them.

Iconosquare - Instagram tracker

Iconosquare is one of the oldest Instagram trackers that shows you your most-liked photos over time. Moreover, Iconosquare has a followers growth chart that can calculate your likes and comments. It means you can calculate your average engagement rate for free.

Also with its free Instagram Audit, you can see where you’re shining and where you’re falling flat. In addition, you’ll also get tips on how to improve your performance on Instagram.

4. Phlanx

Phlanx is an online marketing platform with free analytics tools for growing your business. With Phlanx you can measure your Instagram engagement and ensure your audience is staying connected. Moreover, this tool something titled Influencer Directory which can help you grow your social media followers by working with influencers worldwide.

Phlanx - Instagram tracker

5. Socialbakers

This Instagram tracker has a free Instagram analytics tool for both personal and business profiles. You can get statistics on your most popular Instagram posts, track your success, and learn what gets your audience double tapping. The platform also helps brands engage and grow their customer base through content personalization based on actionable AI-powered audience insights.

social bakers -

6. Union Metrics

The free Instagram analytics checkup from Union Metrics connects with Instagram to analyze the last 30 days of activity on your account, including your posts and engagement from your fans, to give you key insights into how to improve. So, you can run this Instagram tracker anytime you need a checkup for updated analytics.

union metrics - Instagram analytics tool

7. Sprout Social (formerly Simply Measured)

This Instagram tracker helps you measure and enhance your social business strategy. With Sprout Social’s Instagram analytics suite you can track post-performance, trends in hashtag usage, audience engagement, and competitor data. Sprout Social is not completely free but you can start your free trial.

Sprout Social - Instagram trackers - Instagram analytics tool - 2019

8. Squarelovin

Squarelovin makes the most out of your Instagram account with its in-depth analytics tool. With this free Instagram tracker, you’ll get access to metrics on your recent posts and growth, a monthly analysis, and a history of your posts broken down into year, month, day, an hour. Squarelovin even shows you your best and worst times to post.

Squarelovin - Instagram tracker - Instagram analytics tool - 2019

9. is a free Instagram tracker that measures your audience growth. With you’ll learn about the gender and geo-distribution of your followers. In addition, with you are able to optimize your content, track your Instagram traffic, track your performance on Instagram Stories, and analyze Instagram hashtags. - Instagram tracker - Instagram analytics tool 2019

10. Keyhole

Keyhole is a social media analytics tool that helps you understand how millions of people engage with your brand, campaigns, and influencers across social media and the web. It’s a hashtag and account tracking tool for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. With this Instagram tracker not only you can monitor and analyze your campaigns or brands but also you can analyze your influencer marketing or market research.

Keyhole - Instagram tracker - Instagram analytics tool - 2019

11. Pixlee

Pixlee’s mission is to enable brands to celebrate and market with the voice of their own customers. Beside Influencer marketing one of the most interesting things about the platform is their free Instagram analytics tools. It helps you monitor your brand, discover emerging influencers, and identify top content.

Pixlee - Instagram trackers - Instagram analytics tool - 2019

12. Quintly

With Quintly you’ll gain performance insights and optimize your strategy with advanced analytics and competitive benchmarking. This platform helps you reach your business goals by analyzing social media data with a dedicated analytics tool.

Quintly - Instagram tracker - Instagram analytics tool - 2019

Quintly also has the Analysis section that enables you to quickly search and use your custom metrics, without having to create a Dashboard.

13. Smart Metrics

Smart Metrics is a good and user-friendly Instagram tracker for both accounts and hashtags. One of the best things about this Instagram analytics tool is its mobile and tablet optimization. So, you can use it on any device.

Smart Metrics -

14. Visual Marketing Index (VMI)

Visual Marketing Index (VMI) could be a good solution to measuring Instagram performance free of confusing data. It’s a free Instagram analytics tool that incorporates 6 different metrics derived from Instagram to provide an overall IG performance score.

Visual Marketing Index - VMI

All it needs is your brand name, primary hashtag, and email. Then they’ll send your performance report direct to your inbox.

15. SocialRank

Many of the other tools listed above are more focused on hard data or your posts’ individual performance metrics. But SocialRank is an audience segmentation tool and the easiest way to identify, organize, and manage your audience on Social Media. For example, its Engagement Rate Sort rearranges your audience by the highest engagement rate.

Social Rank - Rank audience


With you are able to measure your visual influence. It means their Chute algorithm determines your photo popularity and influence score which you can compare with competitors’ scores. Additionally, you’ll know your top followers by their likes and comments. - influence score -


There are many ways to boost your Instagram growth but for all of them, you need a good strategy. And a good strategy always needs good analytics. Many of the Instagram trackers listed above are completely free that can help you grow your Instagram marketing without any charges.

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