InstaDP Has Overtaken StoriesIG in Downloading Instagram Stories?

StoriesIG InstaDp Weynstag How to recover expired Instagram Stories

If you’re trying to download Instagram stories that one of your friends or favourite celebrities has posted, there is no way to do it on Instagram. But you can do it easily with StoriesIG, InstaDP, Instaview,Weynstag, or other Instagram Stories downloaders. It’s not very difficult. Just copy the URL of your favourite Instagram account and paste it on the specified box on the website of one of StoriesIG, InstaDP, Weynstag, or Instaview.

Ashanti Instagram Expired Stories

But the question is “What About Expired Instagram Stories?”. Is there any way to get your expired Instagram Stories back with these Instagram Stories Downloaders? Moreover, is there any way to see or download someone else expired or deleted Stories? Which of StoriesIG, InstaDP, Instaview, or Weynstag can do it? Be with us until the end and you will find out.

Why You Need StoriesIG, InstaDP, Instaview, or Weynstag?

As you know Instagram Stories is a feature on Instagram that allows users to post photos or videos that disappear after 24 hours. First of all, we are going to tell you how to download Instagram Stories with StoriesIG, InstaDp, and Weynstag respectively. Then we will tell you whether you can recover Stories or not.

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If you want to save someone’s Instagram Stories, the easiest way is just to take a screenshot. But it’s going to look a little bit odd because the Instagram tag will be on your screenshot. Since downloading Stories has a different process than saving Feed posts, in this article we will only show you how to save Instagram Stories. But if you are interested in downloading Instagram Feed posts you can visit this article.

Instagram Stories Downloaders such as StoriesIG, InstaDP, and Instaview are online tools to download IG stories and save those live stories to any device. Also, if you want to see Instagram Stories before downloading them, these tools work perfectly. They have the ability to save Instagram Video Stories to your device with High-Quality Mp4 format for free. 

So, let’s look at three top-performing tools, StoriesIG, InstaDP, and Instaview to see which one is best for downloading Instagram Stories in all formats. We will also tell you why InstaDp has overtaken Instaview and StoriesIG.

Downloading Instagram Stories


With StoriesIG, there are three simple steps to save the Stories of your favourite Instagram users:

1. Open Instagram and choose your favourite profile whose Stories or Stories Highlights you want to save. Then pick the username.

enokaeva storiesig

Credit: @enokaeva/Instagram


2. Go to StoriesIG and enter the username to view your favourite user’s Stories anonymously or to download the Stories that you want. Press enter and you will see all the Stories and Stories Highlights.

 enokaeva Storiesig

3. After you complete the previous steps, you’ll see all the Stories and Stories Highlights of the chosen user in the order they were listed on Instagram. At the bottom of the photo or video, you’ll see a “DOWNLOAD” button. When you press it, your favourite photo or video will be saved on your device.


Credit: @enokaeva/Instagram

The biggest advantage of StoriesIG is that you don’t need to install anything. It’s quite simple and user-friendly that supports download Stories Highlights. You can also download and save Instagram videos, photos and albums with Instasave under the authority of StoriesIG. Simply paste the link or enter the username in the specified box and then you can see or download images, videos, profile photos, etc.


InstaDP is a little more advanced. With InstaDP you are able to download not only Instagram Stories but also full-size Instagram profile pictures. As you know profile pictures on Instagram are not large and you can’t view or download them in its original size. But a free service named InstaDP let you do that. If you want to be quicker, InstaDP’s app, Qeek, could be a good option for viewing HD pictures.

Moreover, InstaDP gives you this option to share Instagram Stories on other social media platforms. Another good thing about InstaDP is that if you search and view on InstaDP, nobody will see that you viewed it.

Contrary to StoriesIG, with InstaDP it’s more convenient for you to download or view Instagram Stories:

1. Go to InstaDP and search for your favourite username. 


2. Now you can press the “Download” button under every photo that you want to download and save full-size Instagram Stories.

Nata Lee

Credit: @natalee.007/Instagram

InstaDP provides some extra features such as:

  • Promot your account
  • Qeek app for Instagram
  • Followmeter app for Instagram
  • Best Grid app for Instagram
  • Tip 18 Tip Calculator


We’ve tested InstaDP’s IG account promotion and it didn’t really affect our Instagram account compare to other powerful growth services. Therefore, if you want to grow your Instagram account, there are some more professional tools like AiGorw.


Weynstag is basically for downloading Instagram photos and videos with the URL of your favourite post. Recently they’ve added a new feature to their service to download Instagram Stories. Compare to StoriesIG and InstaDP, Weynstag doesn’t have a different method. Just follow the steps coming below:

1. Just like InstaDP and StorieIG, go to Weynstag website.



2. Click on “Stories” in the upper left corner. Also, you can click on the specified button to download and watch Instagram Stories. Then enter your favourite username and press enter.


oabramovich storiesig

3. Now click on “Download” below your favourite Stories to save it on your device.


Instaview is another Downloader for Instagram Feed posts and Stories. It’s not too much different from StoriesIG or InstaDp. Simply visit Instaview’s website. If you want to download photos and videos, just paste the link of your favourite post in the specified place. It even gets easier when you want to download Instagram Stories. Just search for the username you want to download the Stories or paste the profile link to see the Stories and download them.


Wanna See Your Deleted Instagram Stories? Don’t Worry! Here’s How!

Many people think when their Instagram Stories disappears after 24 hours, it’s gone forever. But is that really true? The answer is “No”. If you want to see your old Instagram Stories once they’ve been deleted, there is a good way.

Your old and expired Instagram Stories has been saved in the “Archive” section under your IG profile. So, your Stories are safe in the Archive Section. As Archive is Private storage, only you can see and access it.

What about the others? Is there any way to see expired Stories from other people? The answer is “No”. So, you won’t be able to see or download your friend Stories after 24 hours. And none of these services can help you as well. But remember if someone has highlighted Stories you can simply download it with StoriesIG, InstaDP, or Weynstag. As we said before these services have the ability to download both Stories and Highlights.


StorieIG, Instaview, and Weynstag are all following the same strategy for downloading Instagram Stories. Just Instaview and Weynstag can also download Instagram Feed posts including posts and videos. With StoriesIG if you want to download Instagram Stories you should visit Instasave.

On the other hand, InstaDp not only have all of these features but also has the ability to download the full-size profile picture and promote your Instagram account. But in comparison with much smarter platforms like AiGrow, InstaDp’s promote doesn’t look like a great advantage.

To sum up, all of these Instagram Downloaders can do their jobs in the best way possible but none of them has the upper hand.

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