InstaDP Has Overtaken StoriesIG in Instagram Stroies Downloading!

As you know Instagram Stories is a feature on Instagram that allows users to post photos or videos that disappear after 24 hours. If you’re trying to download Instagram stories that one of your friends or favorite celebrities has posted there is no way to do it on Instagram. But you can do it with Storiesig or Instadp.

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If you want to save something from Instagram Stories, the easy and obvious way is just to take a screen capture. But it’s going to look a little bit odd because the Instagram tag will be on your screenshot. Actually saving Instagram Stories has a different process than Instagram Feed posts. In this article, we are going to show you how to save Instagram Stories posts.

Instagram Stories downloader is an online tool to download IG stories and save those live stories to any device. Or if you want to see Instagram stories before downloading them, this tool works perfectly as a view of Instagram stories online tool. Instagram stories downloader saves all IG stories in your device in High-Quality Mp4 format and it is absolutely free.

Let’s look at two top-performing tools, Storiesig, and Instadp, to see which one is best for you.


With Storiesig, there are three simple steps to save the Stories of your favorite Instagram users before they are deleted:

1. Open Instagram and choose a profile whose Stories or Stories Highlights, photos, and videos you want to download.

2. Go to and enter a username to view stories of a user anonymously or to download their amazing story to your desktop or mobile phone.

3. After you complete the previous steps, you’ll see all the Stories and Stories Highlights of the chosen user in the order they were listed on Instagram. At the bottom of the photo, you’ll see a “DOWNLOAD” button. When you press it, the photo or video will save on your device.


The biggest advantage of Storiesig is that you don’t need to install anything. It’s quite simple and user-friendly that supports download Stories Highlights. You can also download and save Instagram videos, photos and albums with under the authority of Storiesig. Simply paste the link or enter the user’s name. You can download images, videos, profile photos, etc. and save easily.


With Instadp’s website, you can download your story and share it on other social media. You can also download other amazing stories from other creators to save them for offline viewing. When you view someone’s story they can check and see who viewed it. If you search and view it on their website the user will not see that you viewed it. Like Storiesig, there are three simple steps to download and save Instagram Stories:

1. Determine the username of the profile you want to download Stories from.

2. Go to and type in the specified username.

3. Now you can press the “Download” button under every photo that you want to download and save full-size Instagram Stories.


When you are using Instadp some Ads may annoy you but it has more features like downloading full-size Instagram profile pictures and IG account promotion. But if you want to grow your Instagram account, there are some more professional tools like AiGorw with more features. Also, if you need more information to grow your IG account and increase your engagement you can visit Instagramengagement.

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