How to Find Instagram Influencers without Software!

how to find Instagram influencers free without software

If you ask any social media marketer especially Instagram marketers, you’ll find that one of the most challenging and time-consuming parts is figuring out how to find Instagram influencers. The best influencers are those who are in their industry and really complement their brand.

In this article, we are going to show you how to find Instagram influencers in the most organic way in 2019. There is no need for software in this way. So, if you are going to do this without software, more work is needed but it’s going to be well worth it.

How to Find Instagram Influencers – Guidelines

We are not going to talk about any type of niche or any specific niche. We are just going to choose an account randomly. A certain number of guidelines are prepared to see if this actually meets the requirements.

How to find Instagram influencers

Look at the tagged posts

The first step to “how to find Instagram influencers” is looking at the tagged posts. But what does it mean? Well, if a specific page is poppin, other people will tag that specific page.

Therefore, to check the popularity of a page you need to go to that page. Then there is a section called Tagged. You can click that and go through those posts and see if other people are actually tagging them. Then you are able to see how frequently these pages are tagging. If the page’s tagged time is close enough, it’s a good sign. That means this page is really popular and other people are tagging the page.

how to find Instagram influencers

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Friends follow the page

The next step after finding poppin Instagram pages is “friends that follow the page”. If you log in with your personal account and hopefully you have a big following, you can see the mutual followings. For this, there is a section on that specific page named “Followed by”. It will show that your following or followers are actually following this specific page. So, this page might be real and you can trust.

how to find Instagram influencers


If nobody even knows the page or nobody even tags the page, it means that there is something fishy about it. Maybe they might just be using software to grow their Instagram.

Look at the Comments

With the comments, you have to see if people are actually engaging and having real conversations with different languages on the page. Saying one-word things, just adding emojis, and something like that is the tangible sign of fake pages.

how to find Instagram influencers

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Also, you need to make sure that the comments are talking about what that page or that specific post is about. For example, if it’s a meme page, you should see some laughter in comments. Or if it’s a love page, you should see some hearts or some gratitude or some types of feeling toward that specific page or that specific post.

Look at video views and likes

This is where things get a little bit tricky because people can buy likes and views. What you need to do is look at the follower to like ratio and make sure it’s even as well. This factor becomes more important in each post that gets the same amount of engagement, likes, and comments.

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If you click the view number under the post you are going to see the number of likes. So, if one post gets one million views and a hundred thousand likes, that kind of sounds pretty realistic. Then you can keep going with this page and see what else this page has. Because you need to see not only the recent posts but also a variety of different posts. Sometimes you might find a post that has zero likes or maybe one hundred likes. But if the whole page looks pretty evenly spread so far, keep going on.

How often are they posting content

Posting consistently and frequently to social media like Instagram will strengthen the page. With a good page that actually is growing consistently, they post every day and consistently.

Follower to Like ratio – Compare other pages

For example, if one page has about 6.7 million followers and 1 million views for a specific post, it seems good. To compare the ratio with other pages click the triangle next to the Follow button. It will pull up some similar pages that will have to do with that specific page. Then you can see how many followers that similar page has. So, this way you can find another influencer on Instagram.

Joanna Stevens Gaines

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In general, the calculation for the Like Follower Ratio is based on the average of likes within a certain time span to get an overall understanding of the engagement between an influencer with his or her followers.

Open up the followers

If you don’t know how to find Instagram influencers, open up a specific page’s followers and see if they are actually real or not. What you need to do is scrolling down that page’s followers list and open up different pages. It could be a lot easier if you do this on your phone.

Ask for Analytics if you don’t know how to find Instagram influencers

This is the last and probably the best thing that you can do if you want to know how to find Instagram influencers. Before you run any influence of shoutout ask for analytics. Many people make this mistake. You shouldn’t run an influence or shoutout when you don’t even know who the demographic is. It doesn’t really make sense to promote a page that primarily dominates in the United States and that is mostly people from Brazil.

In this case, ask them nicely for the analytics in DMs. For example, you can say that can we just see your analytics in DM. And they’ll probably send you screenshots. Make sure that they do have their profile pictures and their names on the actual screenshots as well.

So, they’ll show you their age group on their demographics, the country, the language, what is the best time to post, what days are the best time to post, and etc. Those are the stats you are going to see on the analytics.

Look at Verified badge

The term “verified” indicates that Instagram (or another social network) has made an effort to ensure that you are who you say you are. Verification on Instagram ensures that you can find the correct account when you search for a particular celebrity or influencer. So, look at the verified badge if they have or not.

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The stated guidelines basically show you how to find Instagram influencers without using the software. The more requirements that you have, the better results you get. If you only have three or two requirements that a lot of people do, look at the comments and views, you may pick out the fake Instagram influencer for your brand. A lot of people miss tagged posts but with these guidelines, you won’t be that person. 

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