Shoutcart vs. Famebit – What’s a better Influencer marketing platform?

Shoutcart vs. Famebit

Do you know what “Influencer Marketing” is? Influencer Marketing is a hybrid of old and new marketing tools, taking the idea of celebrity endorsement and placing it into a modern-day content-driven marketing campaign. The main difference is that the results of the campaign are collaborations between brands and influencers.

Our comparison consisted of three categories:

  • Setup
  • Features
  • Conclusion

Famebit vs. Shoutcart – a comparison of two Influencer marketing platform.

Set up


First, go to Famebit home page. On this page, you can sign up as Creator or Brand.

If you are a Creator you can sign up with your Youtube or Tumblr account.

And if you are a Brand With FameBit you can launch a campaign for free, receive proposals from interested influencers. Just click on “Join” and then click on “Brands + Agencies”. Then the sign-up page will open for you and you.


To use the Shoutcart benefits go to their home page.

Then click on “Register for free”. You can sign up as a Brand and buy Shoutcart services or sign up as an Influencer and sell your services.



FameBit started life in late 2013 with a mission of connecting popular YouTubers with brands for endorsement opportunities. At the time of its launch, influencer marketing had already proven it’s worth and bigger brands were starting to invest real money in it.

FameBit focus on video content and Brands could post their campaigns to the platform, with specifics on what they were looking for, and creators sent proposals. Alternatively, brands could seek out creators with specific criteria in mind and invite them to join a campaign.

Content produced through the Famebit marketplace has generated 600 Million Views and 2.1 Billion Minutes of Watch Time.

After signing into your account, you can search for Creators according to your niche. There are over 40,000 creators in Famebit.

You can filter results by the following criteria:

  • Sort by:

Most hired

Best cost per Follower

Best cost per Engagement

  • All Creators vs. Featured Creators
  • Reach

With a slider allowing you to define any range between 1,000 and 100,000,000. That the minimum reach is 1000 followers is weird since the minimum requirement for creators is 5,000.

  • Audience Gender
  • Audience Age, where you can select “Any Age,” or choose from several different age ranges (18-24, 25-34, etc.). You can only select one age range at a time.
  • Audience Country
  • Creator’s Country
  • Channel Category 

There are only 5 categories: “Beauty & Fashion”, “Health and Fitness”, “Gaming and Apps”, “Techs” and “Pets”. If you want another category select “Other”.

In the campaign tab, you can create your own campaign and invite Influencers to join your campaign.

Creating a campaign needs doing 5 steps you can see in the picture above.

After creating your own campaign you can invite any Creator you want. Before inviting them, see their profile by clicking on “VIEW PROFILE”. In the Creator profile, you can see a lot of information that helps you choose your creator wisely.

FameBit makes its money on each transaction between brand and creator. They charge a 10% fee to brands on top of what they pay to creators. And they charge a 10% fee to creators, deducted from their earnings. So, if a brand and creator agree to a $100 fee for content, the brand pays $110, and the creator keeps $90.


Shoutcart is one of the larger and more visible companies working in the influencer marketing niche. They purport to hook you up with influencers who, combined, reach over 400 million active followers.

After registration and signing up into your account, you can browse lists of influencers and order posts from multiple influencers in bulk!

Browse by category, see packages ranked by influencer success rate, CPM and more! Choose your package groups here, you can see influencers based on their success rate, cost per 1k followers (CPM) or keyword! We choose “Fashion & Style Package” for example.

This section displays total reach (potential number of followers that will see your ad), the price per 2 hr post, and a sample of 5 influencers out of 15 that are in this package. Now that you are on the package details page, there is a lot of information. Let’s jump right into it!

Package Details

Num1 indicates the average success rate of each influencer in this package. This gives you the probability of your ad being posted by influencers in this package.

If you were to add followers of all influencers in this package, Num2 is the number that will potentially see your post.

Num3 is the average engagement of each influencer in this package (it includes likes + comments).

Num4 is the average likes per post each influencer in this package receives on their regular posts.

Num5 shows the price of the 2hr post. If you change the “2hr post” to a” permanent post” or “IG Story” the pricing will change to 735$ and 428$ respectively.

Num6 are the actual influencers that are included in this package, and all associated details about those influencers.

This list will change based on Ad Placement you chose in pricing options!


Famebit and Shoutcart both are good platforms for marketing based on Influencers. Their setup and features are almost similar.

The good point about Famebit is that If you select a Creator, your money is held securely in escrow throughout the entire campaign, and their 10% fee is only processed once you approve content for publishing.

Shoutcart is ideal for people that have very small budgets and are just starting out with influencer marketing because it’s really quite cheap.

Click here to check out ShoutCart.

Click here to check out Famebit.

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