Webstagram – Websta – Stapico | What’s the Difference?

Webstagram and Websta and Stapico - Instagram web viewer

Do you want to use an Instagram web viewer? Do you want to know about the differences between Websta, Webstagram and Stapico? Here you can find your answers.

Websta is formerly known as Instagram. So the Websta is the same platform as Webstagram but with a new name. Websta and Stapico both are a web viewer for Instagram. These platforms will help you to use Instagram as easy as possible on your computer as well as what you can have on your smartphones. But each of these platforms has its unique characteristics. In the following, We will mention each of these platforms’ features and differences shortly below.

WEBSTA  – Former Webstagram

Websta began as an Instagram internet viewer in 2011 (then known as Webstagram). They assist Instagram users with the freedom of a bigger screen to access their accounts on their personal computers, but they also do more on the internet with extra and exclusive characteristics to improve their experience.

On May 31, 2016, They have rebranded Instagram users from a web viewer to an analytics website. The raw WEBSTA provides easy-to-understand information and statistics about their Instagram accounts to Instagram users, which can assist them to make choices about intelligent marketing. Users can also investigate what’s hot in their #webstapick society on Instagram and creative photographers. Besides accessing such data, fresh website users can still view, like and comment on their own messages; and proceed to view profile and hashtag pages.

Please note that Websta is an authorized third-party application and that they are not Instagram. WEBSTA is made in Wakayama, Singapore, and Cebu.

A list of major Websta / Webstagram features

• Custom Feeds


– Search for users and hashtags

Analyze section

– access detailed statistics related to your posts, engagement, and relationships

Manage section

– manage your posts, followers and followings

– view your feed, liked posts, comments, hashtags

– comment on your posts

– Share your posts on social media

– under Followings and Followers (i) know who follows and who doesn’t follow you, and (ii) quickly unfollow or follow back

Explore section

– know who and what’s hot on Instagram

– know Instagram creatives in our community

Tools section

– access our widget website from your dashboard


stapico - Instagram web viewer

Stapico is also an online Instagram for the computer. With the Stapico you can fully manage your account, comfortably browse your friends’ feed, collect detailed statistics that will help you in developing your microblog. Leave comments and like directly from your computer, without using a gadget – it is often much more convenient!

They made working with Instagram really convenient. Not only because viewing photos on the monitor is much more convenient than on the screen of a mobile gadget – although this is obvious.

Stapico’s features:

  • Browse comfortably

Stapico tried to make the viewing of the tape as convenient as possible. The most requested features are now on separate tabs:

  1. Fresh photos from your friends
  2. Pictures and videos you like
  3. Most popular on Instagram


  • Communicate easily

By using Stapico service, communication on Instagram becomes easier and more convenient. Like, subscribe and unsubscribe. But most importantly writing comments and responding to them by using the keyboard, not the smartphone screen would be much easier.


  • All the basic information about your account is always right before your eyes

These pieces of information are as follows:

– How many photos and videos have you uploaded?

– How many likes received?

– How many comments were left under your photos?

– How many people are following you?

– How many have you signed up for?


  • Share things on other social networks more easily

Now Instagram is truly integrated with Facebook, Twitter and Vkontakte. With just one click on one button, you can share what you like with your friends on Stapico!

But one of the things that you must consider before using this platform is that Stapico is a Russian platform and the language of it is Russian! So it could be kind of hard for a person who doesn’t know anything about the Russian language.

You still can use translators and also the platform language can also be changed to English but this Russian language may cause some inconvenience for English speakers. For instance, if you need help or if you need to speak to their customer service you may find it somehow difficult.

Because this platform is in the Russian language, there isn’t much detailed information about its characteristics. So, if you want more thorough information about it, you have to log in and see it yourself!


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